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Insured Americans Hit Hard: Survey Exposes Disturbing Problems with Health Insurance

Unmasking the Struggles: Survey Uncovers Alarming Insurance Issues Faced by Insured Americans, Revealing Denied Claims and Care Delays

A detailed survey conducted across the entire nation with a specific emphasis on healthcare coverage has provided valuable insights into the obstacles experienced by a considerable portion of insured Americans. The findings reveal that approximately 60 percent of individuals possessing health insurance faced various challenges when attempting to make use of their plans in the previous year.

The issues reported by those surveyed encompassed various problems associated with insurance coverage. Instances of denied claims, struggles to locate in-network healthcare providers, as well as delays and denials of care requiring insurer authorization were among the key concerns. Experts emphasized that such hurdles could result in delayed or entirely forgone treatment, highlighting the profound financial and health implications at stake.

The survey, conducted by the esteemed nonprofit organization KFF, which specializes in health policy, offers important insights into the prevalence of insurance-related problems, particularly among patients with significant healthcare needs. As an example, around two-thirds of individuals who rated their health as “fair” or “poor” stated that they encountered difficulties in the previous year. Furthermore, the study demonstrated that over 70 percent of individuals receiving mental health treatment also faced challenges in utilizing their insurance plans effectively.

Kaye Pestaina, the Vice President at KFF, expressed concern over the confusion experienced by individuals seeking resolutions to these issues. Pestaina remarked, “One of the surprises was how many problems go unresolved. A large percentage of people either gave up attempting to find answers or never pursued them in the first place.”

The findings of the survey revealed that the identified problems were not limited to a specific type of insurance. Researchers evaluated plans offered by employers, those available through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace, as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

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To address these widespread challenges, experts believe that simplifying insurance policies could significantly alleviate the situation. Pestaina stated, “A little more information can go a long way in clarifying coverage details and associated costs of particular procedures before they are undertaken.”

Additionally, healthcare professionals stress the importance of individuals being aware of their rights, including the option to appeal a denied claim. Understanding such rights empowers insured Americans to advocate for themselves in the face of insurance-related difficulties.


The survey’s comprehensive analysis has revealed the substantial issues experienced by insured Americans with their health insurance coverage. The findings emphasize the need for improvements in policy simplicity and increased awareness of individuals’ rights to effectively address these challenges.

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