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How Much Is Frankie Muniz Net Worth? (Updated 2022)

Francisco James Muniz IV was born on December 5, 1985, he is an American actor who has achieved some severe acclamation in his career. He is a trendy personality, who has worked in numerous movies and television shows. Frankie is best known for playing the title character in the fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle series (2000-2006) which earned him an Emmy Award nomination and two Golden Globe Awards nominations. He was also known for the roles he played in films like a Big Fat Liar(2002), Agent Cody Banks(2003 and Racing Strips (2005). With this height of popularity, he was considered one of the most popular child actors and of Hollywood’s most bankable teens.

Awards & Honors

Muniz had been honored with plenty of awards for his work in films and with that, he had a great interest in car racing. Frankie Muniz is active in racing since 1997. His career in car racing took speed in 2004 when he ran the Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race in Long Beach as a celebrity participant, ranking 7th. The following year he ranked 3rd and became the best-finishing celebrity and also very successful. From 2007 to 2009 he worked as a race car driver where he achieved critical success. In October 2021, Muniz made his stock car racing debut at kern county raceway park in California, competing in the SRL Prolate model series and driving for high-point racing

Muniz joined the unsigned band You Hang Up as a drummer. In 2012 he joined Kingsfoil, a band based in New York, and signed up with SJC Drums and Imperial Cymbals. And then in 2014, he left the band due to scheduling issues. In 2017 he announced that he is the manager of the new york-based band Astro Lasso. On the 10th anniversary of we the kings the band opened cutely is what we aim for, and Plaid Brixx during the spring of 2017.

Frankie Muniz Net Worth

Frankie is a very rich wealthy celebrity who has earned an abundance of fortune in his career. He began his career in 1997 as an actor and as well as a great race car driver. He has completed a total of 32 races at the Atlantic championship. He had won plenty of prizes and awards for his acting career. Frankie Muniz net worth is now $45 million, from which we come to know about his consistency and success.

Frankie Muniz net worth
American Actor Frankie Muniz with his wife Paige Price

Malcolm In The Middle

During Malcolm the middle’s few seasons, Frankie used to earn a salary per episode which was $30,000. That sums up to $480,000 for the first season, $750,000 for the second season, and $660,000 for the third season. And for the 4th, 5th, and 6th seasons he earned around $75,000 per episode. That would be $4.95 for the three seasons. And in the final season, Franke earned $150,000 per episode. So if you total it all up Frankie earned around $10.5 million in base salaries alone from the first episode of Malcolm in the middle. According to union royalty rates, he likely earned around 80% of that in the show’s first syndication run. Frankie earned abundantly in his career for acting. Perhaps he earned $2 million for the first installment of agent Cody bank and $5 million for the sequel.

Real Estate

After making lots of money in his acting career, Frankie bought his mother a home in Brentwood. So as still a teenager he used to live there until he was 18. Then he bought a home in Hollywood hills that featured a 10-car garage, and then a different home in 2004. In 2005 he sold these two homes for a quick modest profit. In 2006 Frankie spent $3.5 million on a home in Hollywood hills later he listed his home for sale for $3.875 million. He didn’t find any buyer so he sold his property for $3.5 million in the year 2014. In 2016 he spent $3 million on a new Scottsdale house, which he eventually listed for $3.5 million. Ultimately removing the listing. this is still his primary residence according to primary records.

Frankie Muniz Net Worth Chart

2022$45 Million
2021$42 Million
2020$39 Million
2019$37 Million
2018$35 Million
2017$32 Million
2016$30 Million
Frankie Muniz Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When did Frankie Muniz get married?

    Frankie Muniz get married to Paige Price on 21 February 2020.

  2. Does Frankie Muniz have siblings?

    Yes, Frankie Muniz have a elder sister, her name is Cristina Muniz.

  3. What is the Salary of Frankie Muniz?

    Frankie Muniz earns an estimated salary of more than $3M annually.

  4. What does SJC Drums stand for?


  5. How much did Frankie Muniz make per episode?

    $30,000 USD

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Overall Frankie Muniz is a very successful actor and a race car driver. And even worked as a drummer. He is a very successful personality, who has done plenty of things for a great career. Started as an actor, and worked as a drummer that has millions of fans from all around the world.

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