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5 Reasons Why Women Should Never Depend on a Man for Money

No matter how much you love the person in your life, it’s vital to know that you should never depend on him to provide for you, physically or financially.

Women should always depend on themselves and not others to succeed in life because they are capable of making things happen without the support of anyone else.

When women depend on other people to make their dreams come true, it puts them at risk of heartbreak and disappointment.

A man may promise to help you achieve your goals but he can end up taking advantage of you or decide that he doesn’t want to help you at all, leaving you high and dry with no way to support yourself or your family.

If you have any fears about your financial future as it relates to your significant other, then keep reading for several reasons why women should never depend on a man for money.

1. The World Has Changed

Historically, women stayed at home with children and men were breadwinners. Times have changed, and gender roles are more fluid today than ever before.

While some women still want to stay at home with their kids, many others don’t or can’t afford to do so.

In these situations, it makes sense for both partners in a relationship to contribute financially. But that doesn’t mean you should depend on your man for money, especially if you make as much (or more) as he does.

Here are four basic reasons why women should never depend on a man for money: 

  1. You shouldn’t have to ask permission to spend your own money: If you’re making your own money, then it should be up to you how and when to spend it. If you find yourself having to ask permission from someone else every time you want to buy something, then that person is not respecting your autonomy.
  2. It may be hard for him to say no…and even harder for him not to act like an ATM sometimes. Some people will go out of their way to avoid saying no. Even when they really need to. And if you know your partner will give in just because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, then that says something about his character.
  3. He may feel entitled to control how you spend money based on his income level. If you earn significantly less than your partner, then there’s a chance he could use that as justification to control how you spend your money.
  4. It may put too much pressure on him to provide financially. Even though times have changed and women often bring home bigger paychecks now than they used to, there are still plenty of guys who carry around an enormous amount of pressure when it comes to providing for their families.

2. Women Can Earn Their Own Income

Believe it or not, women in America still earn less than men. It is true: in 2012, working women only made 77 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts, according to a study by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). That’s outrageous and inexcusable but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of ways for women to make money without relying on a man. Here are five you can start with today:

  1. Find a job you love: Are you passionate about teaching? Social work? Fashion design? Whatever your passion, there’s likely an industry built around it where you can earn income and get paid what you deserve as a professional.
  2. Start your own business:  If you’ve always wanted to run a daycare center or open up a bakery, now is your time to do so. Starting your own business is no easy task; it takes hard work and dedication. But when done right, starting your own company can be extremely rewarding both personally and financially.
  3. Get promoted at work: When was the last time you asked your boss for a raise? Maybe it’s been a while or maybe you never asked because you didn’t think you deserved one. You might be surprised how much extra cash could come your way simply by having a conversation with your boss about increasing your responsibilities and earning more money in turn.
  4. Borrow money from family members: Another option is to borrow money from family members or friends instead of taking out loans from banks.

3. Your Self Worth May Suffer

This one is pretty obvious, but it is worth noting that your self-worth may suffer if you rely heavily on a man for money.

Studies have shown that women who depend financially on men often suffer from poor self-esteem and lack confidence in other areas of their lives.

If you earn all of your money yourself, you will never have to worry about anyone taking advantage of you or deciding not to support your endeavors.

And no matter what is going on in your life, you will always be sure of who you are and where you stand.

4. Know Your Value

It is incredibly dangerous to depend on anyone else financially. Often times people will say they are saving or investing their money but what they are really doing is giving it away. 

Even if your man makes more than you, if you don’t have any money in your name then he has complete control over it.

5. Most Men Want To Be Equal Partners

Modern men want women who are independent and self-sufficient. If your man is worth his salt, he will love you because of what you bring to the table. Not just because of your looks or how good of a cook you are. No man wants to feel like he has to take care of his lady every time she needs something.

That is why it’s important to never depend on a man for money, especially if he makes significantly more than you do. It might seem like common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to have it spelled out in black and white.

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Final Words

Women who depend on men for money should rethink their financial situation. In most cases, it is best to stand on your own two feet and create a plan that you can execute.

Although being in control of your finances may be challenging at first, as long as you remain committed and diligent over time, you will get to a place where you are both comfortable with your life and proud of how far you have come.

Ricardo Anderson
Ricardo Anderson
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