Conagra Brands, situated in Chicago, is a top North American food company known for its popular branded products.

Conagra Brands

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Conagra's got brands like Birds Eye and new hits like Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP—something tasty for any occasion, from snacks to meals.

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Conagra Brands blends a strong food legacy with keen innovation, adapting its portfolio to meet evolving food preferences effectively.

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Conagra Brands Inc. (CAG, 0.31%) gained 2.80%, reaching $30.44 on a generally positive trading day for the stock market.

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CAG's metrics beat 31% of stocks, making it a solid choice for long-term investors who prioritize buy-and-hold strategies.

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The market values CAG too high for its expected growth, as the PEG ratio exceeds the fair value of 1.

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CAG's PEG, derived from dividing forward P/E ratio by growth rate, is a key metric for analysts, offering a holistic valuation perspective.

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CAG's forward-looking growth potential, reflected in its PEG ratio of 2.87, is notably higher compared to its current PE ratio of 13.03.

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CAG board greenlights a $0.35/share dividend, cash landing in stockholders' pockets on Feb 29, 2024, for those on record by Jan 30.

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