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Tony Townley Net Worth in 2022 | How The Zaxby’s Billionaire Made His Fortune

Tony Townley made his fortune off Zaxby’s fast-food chicken restaurant chain that he started in 1991 with two locations and grew into a $1 Billion brand. 

Townley owns more than 350 Zaxby’s locations across 12 states and three countries, earning him the title of the largest franchise owner in the chain’s history. 

In May 2017, Forbes estimated Townley’s net worth to be $40 million with annual earnings of $400 million. So, how much more will Tony Townley’s net worth be in 2022? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Tony Townley?

Townley is a Co-founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Strategy Officer of Zaxby’s Franchising.

Tony Townley (born May 24, 1966) is an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded Zaxby’s Franchising Inc., a fast-food restaurant chain based in Athens, Georgia. 

He also owns several other businesses including car dealerships, real estate holdings, and more. According to Forbes magazine, Townley has a net worth of $1 billion as of 2022.

He is also worth an estimated Million dollars today. In 2013 alone, Townley was responsible for more than 3,000 job hires within his company. 

He has been named one of Georgia’s 50 Most Powerful Business People by Southern Company magazine on multiple occasions.


Tony Townley grew up in Watkinsville, Georgia, USA. It was there that he developed his love of animals and began working to take care of them. 

He couldn’t have imagined back then how rewarding his career would be, or how much he would make doing it.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in management from Georgia Southern College. As he got older, Townley knew he wanted to start something big. Something that would change not just his life but also the lives of others. And so, in 2002, at age 31, he founded Zaxby’s franchise.

Personal life

Tony’s early life is mostly shrouded in mystery, with little information about his family or personal life. What is only known is that he had a son, John Wes Townley who died on October 2, 2021. He was attacked by his ex-wife Laura Townley and Zachary Anderson with a hatchet at her home in the Five Points area of Athens, Georgia

Full Name:Tony Townley
Net Worth:$102 Million
Age:50-60 years old
Country:United States
Social Media:LinkedIn
Salary:$1 Million (Annual)
Last Updated:October 2022

Early Career

Zaxby’s Franchising Tony Townley started his career by purchasing a Zaxby franchise at age 25. 

He has since expanded his company to more than 300 locations across Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, with dozens of stores opening each year. 

Currently serving as CEO of Zaxby’s Franchising Tony Townley LLC and overseeing operations for all 400-plus locations around his home region, he hopes to expand operations outside of the South before long.

Tony Townley Net Worth

Tony Townley has an estimated net worth of $1 Billion dollars, as of October 2022. Zaxby’s Franchising Tony Townley’s net worth rose to prominence with the founding of a little chicken restaurant called Zaxby’s. 

With headquarters in Athens, Georgia, and an additional 200 stores across eight states, Zaxby’s operates more than 500 chicken locations in over 40 states.

Tony Townley Net Worth Growth

2022$12 Million
2021$11 Million
2020$10 Million
2019$9 Million
2018$8 Million
2017$7 Million

Business Success

Tony Townley is a well-known businessman, business executive and entrepreneur. But he is also known as a businessman and investor whose latest Zaxby’s franchise just paid off and posted positive cash flow. 

Tony Townley is known for having numerous successful businesses with his wealth attributed to many of them. 

In 2013, his income was reported as $400 million dollars via Forbes Magazine. His net worth sits at $1 Billion dollars today, due to his incredible business endeavors.

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After founding and serving as chairman of the fast-casual restaurant chain, Zaxby’s, for more than 25 years, Tony Townley is one of Atlanta’s biggest philanthropists. 

The second-generation restaurateur has an estimated net worth of $1 billion and donated $18 million to Georgia State University in 2012. He is also a major donor to his alma mater, Louisiana State University (LSU), where he played football on scholarship.

In 2008, LSU renamed its Student Union after him. A member of Zaxby’s board of directors since 1998, Townley was named CEO and president in 2000 when founder Paul W. Zax Alexander retired from day-to-day operations.

Zaxby’s Founder’s Story

Zaxby’s Founder Tony Townley’s Story

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FAQs About Tony Townley

  1. 1. Who is Tony Townley?

    Townley is Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Zaxby’s Franchising

  2. 2. How much money does Tony Townley make a year?

    $1 Billion (Estimated)

  3. 3. Where did Tony Townley go to college and what did he study there?

    A bachelor’s degree in management from Georgia Southern College.

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