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Liver King Net Worth | How Did Liver King Make His Money

Liver King is one of the most hyped social media personalities who have millions of dollars in net worth. 

People love to fantasize about being rich and all the good things it can do for them and their families. But not many people ever stop to think about how they got there or what it really takes to be that wealthy. 

Some of today’s richest entrepreneurs like Brian Johnson a.k.a Liver King found success early in life while others started their careers at the bottom of the ladder and had to claw their way to the top of it, never taking no as an answer and working countless hours until they reached where they are today. 

So what is the price tag of becoming one of today’s wealthiest men like Liver King in America? and Liver King net worth, we will talk about everything in this article.

Who is Liver King?

Brian Johnson, the owner of an innovative brand called Ancestral Supplements, is known as The liver King on his Instagram account. 

A fitness freak and a certified nutritionist with a Ph.D. in Health and exercise nutrition, Johnson regularly posts updates about his fitness regimen, inspirational quotes, weight loss transformations, and more. 

He also regularly shares information about health issues like cholesterol levels on social media.

Johnson owns a popular Facebook page named Liver King where he answers questions from people who want to know more about their health.

About Liver King

Original Name:Brian Johnson
Celebrity Name:Liver King
Wife:Barbara Johnson (Liver Queen)
Birth Year:1977
Age:45 years old
Height:In Centimetres – 170 cm
In Feet and Inches – 5’7”
Weight:In Kilograms – 86 kg
In Pounds – 190 lbs
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Dark brown
Liver King’s Socialmedia Accounts:Instagram and TikTok
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Profession:Digital Content Creator, Bobybuilder
Net Worth:$1 Million
Updated On:October 2022

Liver King Early Life

Some people go to extreme lengths to stay in shape. One of these fitness influencers is a man named Liver King. He is known for his larger-than-life personality and sense of humor, as well as for his intense fitness routines and ultra-healthy diet. 

He was reportedly born in 1977 in Texas, United States. His real name is Brian Johnson. He is 45 years old as of October 2022. 

He lost his father at a very young age. He was raised by his mother in Texas. Due to the death of his father, he was very weak in his childhood. He also used to get bullied in his school life. All these things made him strong because of what he had endured in his childhood.

Liver King Family

Brian Johnson is famous as the ‘Liver King’. That is because Brian eats parts like Man Eat Raw Liver, bone marrow, testicles, etc. 

Brian spends most of his time with his family in the forests and ravines. Here they live life like primitive humans. 

He believes that by doing this he is changing his urban lifestyle. Brian now lives entirely on fruits and raw meat. 

With this, he exercises a lot and also takes good sleep. Brian says that living life like our ancestors keeps the body healthy. Brian says that just like the early man used to be strong, in the same way, one can become strong by following his kind of lifestyle.

Liver King Family Photo

Liver King Lifestyle

According to the Daily Star report, Brian previously lived in the city with his two sons and wife, but he noticed that the health of his children was deteriorating. 

The food and atmosphere of the city were affecting them badly. Once due to pollution, one of his sons started having difficulty breathing, after which he had to be taken to the hospital immediately. 

Since then the family has decided that they will spend less time in cities and more time living near nature in wooded areas. He started giving fruits and vegetables and animal liver to the children. Suddenly his health started improving. Since then, he started eating 1 pound of animal liver raw every day. 

40-year-old Brian has been living close to nature for almost 20 years now and with this, he started a company named Ancestral Lifestyle, through which he motivates people to adopt a lifestyle like ancestors.

Liver King Net Worth: How Did Liver King Make His Money

According to some sources, Brian Johnson’s net worth has been estimated to be upwards of $1 million as of October 2022. 

You must be thinking of How did Liver King Make his Money? Liver King made most of his money from his Ancestral Dietary Supplement brand. 

As a fitness expert, his revenue also comes from bodybuilding brand endorsements and Sponsorship deals.

Brian has a huge fan following on social media and he often shares his diet and exercise videos with fans. Brian is also very active on Instagram and Twitter.

2022$1 Million
2021$0.8 Million
2020$0.6 Million
2019$0.4 Million
2018$0.2 Million

Liver King Diet

Brian Johnson is also well known as ‘Liverking’. He didn’t get this name like that. There is a story hidden behind this name too. Actually, the diet that Brian takes includes the liver of most animals. Brian Burger eats animal liver like pizza.

Let us tell you, Brian believes that our ancestors also used to eat raw meat in the same way. They never cooked it. That is why he considers himself the CEO of the lifestyle of our ancestors. They say that they eat and drink like old people.

Seeing Brian’s muscles and magnificent body, people do not believe that all this can be made only by eating the raw meat of animals. 

Many people compared his body with the people of the tribe but they were not satisfied. Because Brian was saying that he takes the same diet as these people.

Making $100 Million A Year Eating Raw Liver: Liver King

The Liver King is an illusive internet sensation who says the secret to a healthy and happy life is to eat raw meat every day. An advocate of what he calls an ‘ancestral lifestyle’, we have to return to the lifestyle our hunter-gatherer forebears.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is the net worth of Liver King?

    $1 Million

  2. 2. What is Liver King’s real name?

    Brian Johnson

  3. 3. What is Liver King’s age?

    He is 45 years old as of October 2022

  4. 4. What does Liver King do for a living?

    He is a fitness influencer and owns a supplement brand.

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