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Cloudflare CEO Addresses Controversy After Layoff Video Goes Viral

Transparency Concerns Surface as Cloudflare CEO Responds to Viral Layoff Video

IT company Cloudflare is facing criticism on social media after a former employee, Brittany Pietsch, recorded her layoff and posted the video on TikTok. The video sparked backlash due to the apparent lack of transparency and explanation from HR representatives during the process.

In the Jan. 12 video, Pietsch is informed by HR representatives Rosie and Dom that she’s being let go for not meeting performance expectations. After asking for specific reasons, she receives vague responses centered around “performance metrics,” despite citing her high activity and positive feedback from her manager.

Frustrated by the lack of details, Pietsch questions the provided explanation, suspecting it might be a cover-up for over-hiring. She emphasizes the emotional impact of being laid off without clear reasons and urges for more transparency in the process.

“Being laid off with no explanation is extremely traumatizing for people,” Pietsch says. “I just want to know what the real reason is, not some made-up bullshit.”

The nine-minute video, which also gained traction on X, drew criticism for Cloudflare’s handling of the situation. Many users condemned the company’s lack of transparency and empathy towards the laid-off employee.

In response, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince acknowledged the discomfort the video caused and addressed the concerns about transparency. He admitted the company’s misstep in not having direct managerial involvement in Pietsch’s case and emphasized the importance of open communication during layoffs.

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“No employee should ever be surprised they weren’t performing,” Prince stated. “We need to do better in terms of feedback and communication leading up to such decisions.”

Pietsch’s experience highlights the rising issue of transparency in the tech industry, which has witnessed a significant increase in layoffs in recent years. According to Layoffs.fyi, over 262,000 tech employees lost their jobs in 2023 alone. As the industry navigates workforce adjustments, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the importance of ethical treatment and clear communication during such difficult situations.

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